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    still cant find good export settings for clean blacks/fades...


      I have been a professional videographer for years now working full time and STILL dont have default export settings that will give me nice clean footage. If its just straight footage without any fades to black, cc, or that kind of thing then im just fine. but in my current project i fade to black a couple times and fade back into my footage to create dramatic pauses, but the fades are always very pixelated, and if i darken footage, i can never get clean blacks, even if my iso is at zero, i always get tons of artifacts in my export even though it looks fine in my viewer before export.

      im using a 7d with cs6 and have done tons of searching for people's export settings and have tried all of what ive found but none have helped. mostly i hear h.264 for codec and target/max bitrate at 5-10 / 10-30.. lots of variation there but either way, nothing works. doesnt matter what level i put it at, even at 5.1..


      looking for export setting for a clean master cut thats not going to be 7gb for a 1 minute thing that will play back on my computer..



      to make it short - how do i export to get clean blacks/dark areas and smooth fades?? THANKS