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    Problem getting style option on CFREPORT tag to work.

    RaiderDaveK Level 1

      I am trying to alter the report format at run time using the style option on CFREPORT.  I am actually trying to change the margins, but have tried everything I can think of.  So I copied the code right out of the documentation to change the color.  My code looks like

      <cfreport template="Detail_rpt.cfr"

         query = "line" overwrite="yes" style='mystyle { defaultStyle: true;

          font-family:"Comic Sans MS"; color: ##993366; }' format = "pdf"   >



      However, the report color is not changed.  I figure if I can get color to work, I can then get the margins in place of it.  But the statement appears to make no changes.


      Anyone got any ideas?  Have you ever gotten the style option to work?  If so, can you let me see your statement?