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    Need help on data service

    Sam205505050 Level 3
      1. I’ve installed LiveCycle data service for Java (v 4.7 windows) and Flex builder(Trial version).  After I installed this I don’t find lcd.war file which is supposed to be under Tomcat data service installation directory. I can see dataservice-samples.war, ds-consol.war etc under TomcatàWebapps. Is it because of trial version? If yes, can you please send via email ?
      2. I’ve downloaded plugin for application Data modeling and copied plugin folder under Flex Builder plugin directory. But still I don’t see create model view. Any idea why?
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          HarpreetSingh2602 Adobe Employee

          1. Post lcds version 3.1 i.e lcds 4.x onwards  lcds.war is renamed to dataservices.war.

          2. Copy the content from the downloaded plugins folder to the installation directory of your Flash Builder ..\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.6\eclipse\plugins.

          Also, make sure you restart the flash builder after copying the content of the plugins folder.