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    Having problems with Adobe Premiere CS6


      Hello, I just switched from Final Cut X to Adobe Premiere so, sorry if the question is too basic. The thing is, I was normally editing my footage, and then I started transferring clips to Adobe After Effects to do some color correction. Everything was working okay, once I was finished with the color correction of a clip in AE, the same clip would turn to a pink color in Premiere, I attached a picture to show you guys better.


      And now, I have a bunch of pink clips, and the playback screen is not working. I can hear everything but there are no visuals. Also for some reason AE is not responding, I just finished color correcting the fifth clip and AE randomly stopped responding and that's when the playback monitor in Premiere also stopped. Can you help me? Thanks in advance.


      By the way, the playback monitor does work with the footage that remain blue. It doesn't with the pink footage.


      These are the pink clips I was talking about.