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    Ajustar más calidad para hacer DVD en Premiere Elemnts 11


      He adquirido Adobe Premiere elemnts 11 ya que antes lo estuve utilizando con muy buenos resultados con anteriores versiones, pero ahora me he comprado la Panasonic AG-AC90 y estoy grabando en PH 1080/25i, pero a la hora de editar y hacer un DVD no consigo que la imagen sea nítida, a pesar que le doy a máximo de calidad y que la grabación no tiene más de 50 minutos. y sin menú.Incluso los títulos que los cojo de las plantillas HD los veo con falta de nitidez.

      ¿qué ajustes me estoy saltando? ¿qué estoy haciendo mal? Gracias a quien me pueda ayudar


      Rafa Martínez

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          According to Google Translate, the Spanish to English translation of your question:

          Setting up more quality to DVD in Premiere Elemnts 11
          May 7, 2013 11:26 PM
          Tags: # premiere # dvd # 11 # in # for # more # quality # do # adjust # elemnts

          I purchased Adobe Premiere elemnts 11 since before it was used with good results to previous versions, but now I bought the Panasonic AG-AC90 and I'm recording in 1080/25i PH, but at the time to edit and make a DVD not I get that the image is sharp, although I gave up recording quality and no more than 50 minutes. without menú.Incluso lame titles the HD templates I see lacking in sharpness.

          What adjustments I'm skipping? What am I doing wrong? Thanks to whoever can help me

          Rafa Martinez



          Rafa Martinez


          Your question has already been responded to in a duplicate thread that you posted today. This is user to user forum so replies are not automatic, but as soon as possible. Posting of the question once should produce results and avoid confusion of multiple threads on the same question.