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    Center Projector for all users

      I'm currently using 8.5 (not so patiently awaiting my upgrade - thanks to the slow wheels of the university). I have a client who complains that the test I'm sending him is not centered. It appears centered in my monitor, but I think he is viewing it on a larger monitor. Is there anyway to ensure that the view, no matter what their monitor size will have a centered projector?

      Under Modify>Movie >Properties, I've chosen centered, but it seems to just use my monitor size and place it a specific pixel amount from the top and left.

      Any suggestions?
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          SafariTECH Level 1
          it could be that he is using a widescreen monitor, or possibly a dual screen, which can affect how it centers due to the fact that 8.5 had ni idea what a WS was at the time, and only rich people had duals.

          I can't remember the exact code for 8.5 and much in MX2004 (2 versions later) was deprecated or altered, but basically what you have to do is detect the screen width and height, calculate the Top and left positions and then move the stage to those dimensions.

          You may also want to consider an auto-resolution change so that while the movie is playing the user's resolution fits the movie size, thereby making it full screen. Most will automatically set it back again when they close the project.

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            CarrieBey Level 1
            Thanks for your reply. I just received and installed the MX 10.1 upgrade and I seem to have the centering problem solved.