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    QT movie flash frame

      I'm in 8.5 and am seeing a flash frame (of nothing) when the frame of my QT movies appears. This doesn't happen if I don't choose direct to stage, but the video from my movie also doesn't play (only audio)

      Any suggestions?
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          This problem is fairly common. The easy solution that usually works is
          to set it up so that when the QT sprite 1st appears, have it off the
          stage for 1 frame. Then, move it into place. The flash will now happen
          when it can not be seen, and the video will appear to start at the
          beginning, since the viewer will only have missed the 1st 1/15th of a
          second or so.
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            CarrieBey Level 1
            Thanks for the reply. That does work, but I had wanted to dissolve from an image to the movie . . .
            Any suggestions?


            P.S. I just received my upgrade, but haven't had a chance to see if the flash frame is still a problem in the upgrade.
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              To do that fade, just put a still bitmap image of the 1st frame on the
              stage where the movie would be if you had not moved it offstage to avoid
              the flicker. Then the dissolve works and fades to the bitmap, then you
              move the movie back into position and it plays.