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    Access vars from external AS file

      Let me start off by saying that this is the first time I am dealing with external AS files so if I am not using the correct terminology I am sorry for that. I will do my best to describe my question.

      I have an my SWF file which imports an external AS file the external AS file has the Classes. I am able to start the SWF and load the AS file and everything works fine (The AS file loads images and creates a container). But now I want to do more with the image that is loaded. I want to animate the container so in the SWF I want to be able to have code that will move the container (which was built in the AS file). I can't seem to figure out how to access the container or variables from the AS file. I can however make calls from the AS file to functions that are in the SWF.

      Thank you for your help in advance.