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    Serious show-stopping bugs in Premiere Pro when exporting


      OK, so first of all, I get that making a video editor is not an easy task. In fact, it's a nightmarish task. One I would never even attempt. However, Premiere Pro CS6 has been worked on since 1992 or so, by one of the biggest and wealthiest software companies in the world, with well paid experts on this very thing. It's supposed to be professional-grade, but bugs like this makes me wonder if it's some sort of a joke. It simply does not do what you tell it to when exporting. I come back to this problem (and similar ones) again and again. It's not me doing anything wrong. It's not me having misunderstood something. It's serious bugs in this software. There is no other explanation. Please look at these images:



      To the left: the video file as it appears in Premiere Pro.

      To the right: the video file as it appears once exported using the "Match Sequence Settings" option.

      What you cannot see well in the images is that the quality is also significantly lower, and it stutters in an insane fashion.


      It does NOT match the sequence settings. I repeat: it does NOT match.


      I know some people on this board are eager to reply quickly, but I would rather have you think this over before. It gets very tiresome to have people shout out the first (incorrect) thought that pops up in their minds. Thank you for respecting that. Please only respond if you know what is going on for sure.