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    List-based Form Controls and Dynamic Enumeration

      I want to render 2 list-based components in a page. The list of valid values for field 2 is dependent on field 1.

      The most basic example I could think of here is a page collecting address data which includes a country field and a state field. The valid values for the state field would depend on the country field value entered.

      Are there best practices recommendations for this?

      I don't anticipate that the valid values for field 2 would be as static as my country/state example above. The valid values for field 2 will be persisted in a database table.

      Should I load all possible values for field 2 upfront at start up and listen for field 1 event change to dynamically limit the field 2 list values?

      Should I invoke a web service to populate the field 2 list values as part of the field 1 event change?