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    Máxima Calidad al procesar un DVD en Premiere Elments 11


      Acabo de adquirir Premiere Elements 11 y a la hora de hacer un DVD de 50 minutos veo que le falta nitidez, mi cámara es una Panasonic AG-AC90 y estoy grabando en 1080 i25, quiero saber que si aparte de darle el máximo de calidad a la hora de hacer el DVD me estoy dejando algún paso sin dar o qué puede estar ocurriendo gracias

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          From Google Translate, your message appears to be:


          Highest quality when processing a 11 Elments DVD Premiere
          May 8, 2013 6:34 a.m.
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          I just purchased Premiere Elements 11 and to the time for a 50 minute DVD that lacks clearly see, my camera is a Panasonic AG-AC90 and I'm recording in 1080 i25, I know that if apart from giving you the maximum quality to the time to make the DVD I am leaving without giving any step or what may be happening thanks



          My response in Spanish


          Para empezar, estoy asumiendo que su 1080i25 es de 1920 x 1080 16:09 en lugar de 1440 x 1080 HD anamórfico 16:9.

          ¿Cuál es su proyecto predefinido para sus Premiere Elements 11 para su uso con el archivo "1080i25"?
          PAL AVCHD Full HD 1080i25
          PAL disco duro, memoria Flash videocámaras Full HD 1080i25

          Su 1080i25 es un archivo entrelazado que incluye Orden de los campos Campo superior primero. El DVD-VIDEO requiere Orden de los campos Campo inferior primero. Usted puede hacer el cambio
          un. utilizando el formato AVCHD HD 1080i25 proyecto preestablecido completo PAL y luego aplicando Opciones de campo / Invertir dominio de campos en el proyecto abierto
          b. utilizar el disco duro PAL especial, Videocámaras Memoria preestablecida proyecto Flash Full HD 1080i25 que debería estar haciendo de forma automática el ajuste de Campo superior primero a Campo inferior primero. NO USE Campo Opción: Invertir dominio de campos en este recorrido.Echemos un vistazo a la Orden de los campos primero y luego decidir lo siguiente.

          Por favor asegurar que su equipo está optimizado y que el controlador de la tarjeta de vídeo está actualizado. ¿Tiene el equipo para hacer formato de disco Blu-ray en un disco Blu-ray en vez de DVD-vídeo de pantalla ancha en un disco DVD? En el caso de Blu-ray, la exportación se caracteriza por Campo superior primero, que es coherente con sus medios de origen.

          Gracias. Si es posible, escriba en Inglés para evitar que tengamos que depender de Google Translate.



          My response in English



          To begin with, I am assuming that your 1080i25 is 1920 x 1080 16:9 rather than 1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9.


          What is your project preset for your Premiere Elements 11 for use with "1080i25" file?

          PAL AVCHD Full HD 1080i25


          PAL Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders Full HD 1080i25


          Your 1080i25 is an interlaced file which includes Field Order Upper Field First. The DVD-VIDEO requires Field Order Lower Field First. You can make the change

          a. using the PAL AVCHD Full HD 1080i25 project preset and then applying Field Options/Reverse Field Dominance in the opened project


          b. using the special PAL Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders Full HD 1080i25 project preset which should be automatically making the adjustment from Upper Field First to Lower Field First. DO NOT USE FIELD OPTION: REVERSE FIELD DOMINANCE IN THIS ROUTE.


          Let us look at the Field Order first and then decide what next.


          Please assure that your computer is optimized and that your video card driver is up to date. Do you have the equipment to do Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc rather than DVD-VIDEO Widescreen on DVD disc? In the case of Blu-ray, the export is characterized by Upper Field First which is consistent with your source media.


          Thank you. If at all possible, please write in English to avoid us having to dependent on Google Translate.



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            rafafotografia Level 1

            AT Roman, I appreciate you help, sorry for having sent the message at Espanol.te say that I understand little of what they are talking about me I am new to this and I made a mess.My camera records in AVCHD 1080 i25, effectively size is 1920 x 1080. I understand that when I open a project and a clip, the program will detect the size and others, but I do not know what settings do you or where to get.Forgive my ignorance

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              Thank you for the follow up.


              Premiere Elements 11 wants to select the project preset for you. So, let us explore this route first. If you need to check project settings once the project is opened, go to Edit Menu/Project Settings. Once the project settings are made, you cannot change them without starting a new project (there is a possible exception which will only complicate matters if I go into that now).


              1. If you have  AVCHD 1920 x 1080 @ 25 interlaced frames per second with Dolby Digital 2 channel audio, the program should be selecting the project preset of PAL/AVCHD/Full HD1080i25. Use Add Media to import this video into Project Assets and then drag the video from there to the Timeline Expert View.


              2. When the video is on the Timeline, right click it, select Field Options, and, in the Field Options dialog, select Reverse Field Dominance. Render the video on the Timeline. What does the rendered video look like in the monitor at playback there? At that point, you could compare the Playback Quality Automatic versus Highest. To do that, right click the monitor, select Playback Quality, and then either Automatic or Highest.


              3. Proceed from there to your PAL DVD-VIDEO Widescreen on DVD disc.


              Variables to look at:

              Different brand/type DVD discs

              For the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc, computer versus TV/TV DVD Player playback


              To explore instead the use of the special PAL Hard Disk Flash Memory Camcorders project preset, I suspect that you will need to set the project preset yourself. Whenever you set the project preset yourself, you do that by:

              a. Open the new project

              b. Go to File Menu/New/Project

              c. In the New Project dialog that is open, select the project preset that you want

              d. Before you close out of that New Project Dialog, make sure that you have a check mark next to "Force selected Project Setting on this project", and click OK.

              e. Then use Add Media to bring your video into the Project Assets.

              f. Again, for the special Hard Disk Flash Memory project preset I mentioned, do not use Field Options in the opened program.


              Please review and let us know your progress.





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                rafafotografia Level 1

                Thank you very much, I will try within my ignorance

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thank you for the opportunity to help. We all continue to learn whether we are at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced level. You will do great...needs patience (exploration and experimenation with the program are very helpful).


                  We will watch for your progress. Do not hesitate to ask if you need clarification on anything that I have written.


                  Thank you.