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    Internet Explorer Cannot Display This Webpage




      My issue is that when ever user is clicking link or submit a form, sometimes instead of directing to a new page, it will show the internet explorer error page 'Internet explorer cannot display this webpage'. I didnt find any error message in the log in cf admin as well as IIS admin. Then I checked with a simple HTML page which refreshes in every 3 minutes. I found that this page is also showing the same issue. So I think the issue is not related to Coldfusion. Still the issue persists. So does anybody have any idea about this? Please advice. Thanks in advance.


      The details are: And also the application is hosted in virtual machine.


      Server Product ColdFusion
      Version 9,0,0,251028  
      Edition Standard  
      Serial Number
      Operating System Windows 2003  
      OS Version 5.2  
      Adobe Driver Version 4.0 (Build 0005)  
      JVM Details
      Java Version 1.6.0_17  
      Java Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.  
      Java Vendor URL http://java.sun.com/
      Java Home D:\ColdFusion9\runtime\jre  
      Java File Encoding Cp1252  
      Java Default Locale en_GB  
      File Separator \  
      Path Separator ;  
      Line Separator Chr(13)
      User Name SYSTEM  
      User Home C:\Documents and Settings\Default User  
      User Dir D:\ColdFusion9\runtime\bin  
      Java VM Specification Version 1.0  
      Java VM Specification Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.  
      Java VM Specification Name Java Virtual Machine Specification  
      Java VM Version 14.3-b01  
      Java VM Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.  
      Java VM Name Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM  
      Java Specification Version 1.6  
      Java Specification Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.  
      Java Specification Name Java Platform API Specification  
      Java Class Version 50.0