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    ColdFusion 10 on Ubuntu 13.04 Not working


      I installed Coldfusion 10 on Ubuntu 13.04 running Apache2 but the coldfusion10 installer keeps asking for the directory where HTTPD.Conf file is located but there is none, infact there is no httpd.conf file; what I have is a conf.d directory and an apache2.conf file. So after I install and start the CF server Apache does not recognize the .CFM pages. How can I fix this issue? Any help is appreciated.


      The Dircetories that coldfusion 10 need:


      /etc/apache2/ - This is where the httpd.conf should be but instead there is now apache2.conf






      Now the one thing I remember the CF8 installer asking which the CF10 installer did not ask is the default www directory which is /var/wwww


      See Error or Issue here: http://ubuntuone.com/3S3q86YZMzy10FKxavPZMF


      Here is an interesting error found in the mod_jk.log file


      uri_worker_map_ext::jk_uri_worker_map.c (506): Could not find worker with name 'cfusion' in uri map post processing.


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