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    What is best method to overcome jerky video export ?

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      Flash CS5.


      A basic fundamental issue here, getting a decent movie exported from flash.


      I have a 60fps movie (25 was jerky motion [png images as MC’s classic tweened across screen] and after various fps tests 60 was settled on)  with MC’s cars and humans and other items, all MC’s have 60fps timelines, cars and humans with reflections moving across screen. It all plays fine in Flash with ctrl enter. Export it as an avi and play with Quicktime and the action is not just jerky, vehicle enters stage, stops, 5 secs later it jumps halfway across, etc etc, it should run smoothly all the way.

      Likewise mov.


      As the swf is smooth, played via browser, published file set etc, I reckoned converting that would be better.


      I have used an swf to avi converter (iWisoft) , tried all settings highest bitrate, mov wav avi, all are jerky, vehicles move but in a slightly jumpy way, you see double roof panels etc.


      I have seen a thread

      http://forums.adobe.com/thread/747600 with an apparent solution.

      saying play movie on timeline by hitting enter and watch the fps vary, well mine stays steady at 60 !

      It then says export at 5 fps, allows coding of each and every frame, so I alter the 60 to 5 on timeine and then export movie at 5fps as avi.

      Play avi and the reflections are solid not translucent, so that’s no good. If it means going into every MC and altering the fps also to 5 that’s far too much to do. I have MC’s in MC’s in MC’s like a russian doll !  Would not converting all the MC’s to 5fps  be the cause of loss of reflections ?

      What a crazy thing to have to do after creating the movie. Tell us this before we buy flash.

      However I try for a convert to 60fps, using VirtualDub and the result plays in Quicktime with jerkiness. In VLC Media Player its warped and grey, total mess.


      The ‘Correct’ marked post in the thread above didn’t work at all.


      Any other  ideas, as posters in that thread were commenting on a lack of Adobe input to this issue being faced by various bods, creating movies in Flash that look fine but with an inability to get them as mpeg avi etc is bad news.


      Is there an official method decreed by Adobe on this now. ?


      What actually truly works ?