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      I have a flex 2 application, with many self defined components. Each component needs to update quite often through some server side php files and a mysql database. I have included a NetConnection object in every component and open it, and call it every time i need to get new information.

      I was wondering if i am using it wrong, and if performance would be increased if i define 1 global NetConnection object in the parent component, leave the connection open, and use it everytime any child needs to update.

      I was wondering if this could cause security issues, or perfomance issues, or maybe it would it increase performance without any side effects.

      Also, what would happen if one child starts using this new "global NetConnection object" , and another child needs to use it, with of course, a different responder? Would it jam up? Queue it up? Or does it not have problems doing 2 calls at the same time?

      Thanks in advance for any help, advice or links to related articles!