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    Change nickname

    Flash builder 4.7 eclipse

      I started a forum question and the site proposed me an italian interface.

      In italian the first step was "Imposta nome schermata" which in english is "set the name of this screen".

      I didn't know what they mean with "set the nema of this screen" so I inserted the name of the question but noticed later this is the nickname.



      Now my question is: how to change my nickname? I result as Flash Builder 4.7 Eclipse Plugin.


      The other question is: Is it possible to set a more semantic name like "set nickname?" in italian it is "Imposta nome utente" or also "imposta nickname".


      The last question is: my keyboard is Italian but I prefer reading and writing in english here; can I have an english interface not set on the base of my keyboard?


      Kind regards


      Flash Builder 4.7 Eclipse Plugin