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    Can Premiere Pro resume when computer sleeps in middle of rendering?


      My computer

      core i7

      64 bit

      1.6 CPU (boosts up to 2.5)

      6 gigs ram


      My footage

      source: 1920x1080

      Output: 720x480

      Time of footage 54 min

      File Size 2.5 gigs


      Render time

      When I had it set to Qualtiy 5.0, Bitrate 5 -7, VBR 2 pass, and checked Max. Render quality, Use Previews(which doesn't matter cause I have no previews associated),  My render time was seriously 36 hours!  I know scaling down adds to the time, but wow it is long. And no I have no special effects on the footage, just some zooming in and out and audio fades. Well I tried to do render it, but it is a laptop and I have to take it home to do work and traveling. Well, eventually I messed up and the laptop went to sleep.


      Can Premiere pro continue to render after it has gone to sleep?


      It did not seem to. The timer just sat there going up every second. So I stopped it and tried again. I lowered the settings to get only a 24 hours render time, but this morning I messed up and my laptop was running on battery power and it went to sleep. On resume, it had the same result, it seemed to stop progressing and just had the timer continue to tick up. Should I have been patient and waited another 4 hours to see if it actually resumed?


      Since I use a laptop and such large render times. I want Premiere Pro to have a PAUSE ability  on rendering! Even if I need  to do a full shutdown. Is that even possible?