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    Timeline indicates an effect is operating when Audio Mixer says it is not

    Guy Burns Level 1

      I'm learning about the Audio Mixer panel and effects. I set up a Bass effect in the Effects and Sends panel as a test. On page 341 of the Premiere PDF it states:


      To bypass a track effect, click the Effects Bypass button near the bottom of the effects list until it appears with a slash.


      I tried turning off the Bass as described, and it worked. I then went to the Timeline to hear if the effect had been turned off, and it was. However, at the top left of the audio timeline there is a box saying Effect 1: Bass, and two items appear as a sub menu: Bypass and Boost. So I chose Boost and the little box now said: Effect 1: Bass: Boost. But the bass wasn't being boosted.


      It appears that you can turn off an effect in the Audio Mixer, but the Timeline still indicates the effect is operating.


      Am I missing something, or is this a flaw?