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    Protecting a document

    Bev Law

      I need to create a document that has "read only" access to some users. It cannot be attached to an email or "dragged" into another location. Does Adobe Acrobat provide this?

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          Jey_Gru Level 2

          Sadly no, it cannot be done with any of today known PDF specification, such file sould have either a DRM protection or other artifical intelligence mechanismus which decide where it can be launch or not.

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            IsakTen Level 4

            If (and this is a big IF) all recipients of your PDFs have digital IDs (PKI-based certificates), you can encrypt your PDFs with certificate encryption. In the encryption workflow you add recipients' certificates (with public key only) to the encrypted document. After that only holders of one of those certificates may be able to open your PDFs. You can set different permissions for different recipients. Adobe products enforce these restrictions but other PDF Viewers may not.

            This method does not restrict the documents from being moved from one location to another but rather restricts the ability to open this document to a pre-defined group of people who are identified by their Digital IDs.

            The caveat here is that all these people need to have Digital IDs and send you their public keys.

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              Hi There,

              id like to do a similar thing to what this person is asking. but i need to help please.


              hopefully not off topic!?

              i would like to encrypt my pdf(s) and send a list of users my key and then make availbe on my newtwork the pdf(s) so that a specific group and read them?


              i have looked at Adobe acrobat Xl and found this process very confusing,  please enlighten me?

              also. the process of sending my Key to other users is not as straight forward as i had hoped, please help me with this also?




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                Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                How about this. When you say "send a key", could you just "send the password"? That would be very simple. But of course, these people could send the key/password and file to anyone else.


                You can do what you want to do with keys, but you have to take a key file FROM EACH USER and make a separate file FOR EACH USER. Even then, so far as I can see they could choose to share their key with others.