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    Premiere CC - How will the bugs affect you

    Biggles Lamb Level 3

      I have used Premiere for the best part of 20 years and will continue to do so but not the CC version given its extortionate rental costs. 


      I do not mind paying a realistic subscription but lets get real with the cost and have it cheaper and the same throughout the world and also that it remains workable when I cease my subscription.


      In my own experience which goes back to the original Premiere 4.1 it is a fact that Adobe have a consistent track record of issuing releases with bugs, even more so for major upgrades have you guys forgotten that: -


      Premiere 6.5 was the first version that offered real time playback of SD without the need for a third party card

      Premiere Pro 1 had bugs galore

      Premiere Pro 1.5 solved most of the problems

      Premiere Pro 2 had many bugs

      Premiere CS 3, worked great for me

      Premiere CS 4 had bugs galore

      Premiere CS 5 could not handle AVCHD correctly so I bought and used Edius 6 now that is a serious competitor

      Premiere CS 5.5 handles my AVCHD files great

      Premiere CS 6 has far to many issues being posted for me to ever consider upgrading to it


      That is my take on Premiere for the last few years and why I miss versions which are just not up to scratch, I also do not install updates until I know that they have been tested by others, the maxim..............if it is not broke, do not fix it.


      So if automatic updates have bugs and screw up your system what are you going to do then?