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    Need to create looping video from only 24 frames

    CCBain Level 1

      I have 24 still shots of an object rotating 10 degrees at a time on a turntable.  I need to create a time-lapse video of the object continually turning round and round for 15 seconds or so.  If I import them into PP using the "Numbered Stills" checkbox, it comes in as a blazingly fast spin, and I'm not sure how to slow it down and/or extend the clip's duration.


      If I bring in all 24 numbered JPEGs, after setting the clip duration preference to 5 frames (for instance), it works but the jump from clip to clip is jolting and I'd prefer a smoother transition (as if I had shot 360 individual frames).


      I need to include this in an e-book, which supports video, but not flash or HTML5.  Thanks for anyone's thoughts on this.