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    deploying taglibs in OSGi

    j_purchase Level 1

      I've got some custom tags that I am deploying as an OSGi bundle, and it works pretty well. The problem comes if a jsp references the taglib's URL before it has been deployed.


      In this case the server provides the expected error before the bundle is installed, but it persists even after the bundle has been successfully deployed. The only way I've figured to get the server to find the deployed taglib is to restart it. In my mind, this goes against the way OSGi is supposed to work. I've tried stopping/starting, uninstalling/re-installing, refreshing, deleting and reloading the bundle, but the only thing that seems to work is to bounce the server.


      In production, I can avoid this by being careful and making sure the bundle gets deployed on the server before the app that uses it. But does anyone know how to escape the error condition without restarting the server?