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    Convert Premiere Pro Project CS6.0 to CS5.5


      Hello, I run a little youtube channel called ChaotiCritic, where I review movies, talk about games, make jokes, ect. I started out with an Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.0 trial. Well, seeing how much I got into making my videos, my parents decided to get me the full version. Problem is, they gave me CS5.5 instead of CS6.0, don't even ask me how they got their hands on it. ...sigh... So, I was working mid-project and I couldn't get it done before the trail went out. So now, I'm stuck with an older version that won't import my new project. Is there any way to convert a Premiere Pro Project? Is there some import method I'm missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated and you'd be helping a guy work towards his dream.