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    Desperate Help Pemier 11: Render + Burn to DVD



      I have spent 2 months making a complex short film on premier 11 for a post graduate assignment at university - many hours work has gone into it from photoshop etc The film is 10 mins, with a 7D DSLR, Full HD clips Jpegs, PDfs, Sound FX and dialogue. I have made extensive use of filters (cartoon fx etc), virtual pans, green screen live action over matt paintings etc, time differences etc and transitions of some sort on every single clip. Some clips form a sort of animated FX so are very short and condensed although I have not altered the time line for this. The file is over 1 GB in size.


      I am using windows XP Home SP 3, 2Ghz, 2 GB Ram, Nvidia Geforce Go 7600, Genuine Intel CPU T500  laptop (17inch).


      I was able to render about 38 pecent of the completed project on the timeline, but the render option does not operate beyond this.


      I'm under alot of pressure as I stayed awake all night attempting to render both from the timeline and the share tab. I have missed my initial deadline and will fail my university assignment unless I can render the project as it is. I really cannot afford to redo the project as it is complex: it has taken many hours and weeks and I do not have further timescale options as far as university is concerned. This project is only the rough cut to date. Further refinements (namely sound files) are still to be added and edited at a later stage. Another render and burn will be needed at that stage when the file is bigger still. Right now I need to render the current version fast. I will fail my post gradauate studies without a playable DVD.


      Could it be rendered on a more powerful Windows PC with more RAM? I have the Premier 11 discs for Windows and Mac. Could the file be rendered on another computer ( without messing up the file or altering it) if I installed the disc on someone else's computer?


      What is the best option for rendering and burning this file to DVD? I am desperate for a solution after so much hard work (8-10hr a day shifts for 4wks).


      I cannot redo the files as it is too complex a project to start over. Any advice?





      mail: artalis@hotmail.com


      Also, is it possible to divide the film into 2/3 parts and render each piece separately, then reimport the parts back into Premier 11 in the Add Files window and build them into a new timeline, that might render and burn to DVD better?



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Plan 1: Pack up and go to a Windows 7 or 8 64 bit computer with 4 GB RAM or more installed.


          1. In going this route, Premiere Elements 11 will be a 64 bit application, rather than a 32 bit, and, as a 64 bit application can take advantage of more of the computer resources.


          2. Beside this plan being dependent on access to the computer suggested, it will depend on Premiere Elements 11 on your Windows XP 32 bit 2 GB RAM having enough resources so that you can get Premiere Elements 11 to save your project via the File Menu/Project Archiver, Copy Option. This Project Archiver route will render a folder named Copied which will have copies of all your source media as well as the project file (project.prel). Transfer this saved Copied Folder to a USB Flash Drive and use it in the computer suggested that has Premiere Elements 11 installed. Do not try use a Premiere Elements version earlier than 11 on the borrowed computer.


          Plan 2: Stay where you are and optimize the environment as much as possible


          1. You do not need to render the Timeline prior to export.

          This is just a preview thing that assures that you are seeing the best possible preview in the Monitor of what to expect in the end product. Again it will not affect the end product. Bad will be bad and good will be good. But, it is your window of opportunity to catch a problem sooner than later. HOWEVER, under the circumstances, I will suggest taking a chance that good is good and move on to the take your chances with burn to disc DVD. When you have your DVD disc in the DVD burner tray and you are in the burn dialog, what does the quality area of the burn dialog show for Space Required and Bitrate? The standard DVD-R specs are 4.7 GB/120 min (in reality that 4.7 is 4.3 GB). The bitrate max in the burn dialog is 8.00 Mbps (megabits per second).


          2. Where are you getting your hard drive space for this Windows XP computer? Just from the Local Disk C? Go to the Adobe Folder/Premiere Elements/11 and look for pile ups in the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder and the Media Cache Folder. Delete contents of all. All your Timeline files will be unrendered at that time. Right now we are abandoning rendering the Timeline which generates those preview files and putting aside preview considerations. Go to Edit Menu/Preferences/Media/and hit Clean for the Media Cache there (you will be deleting conformed video files .mcdb). Get as much as possible off the computer Local Disk C if you are getting to a dangerously low amount of free space for the drive.


          3. If your set up lets you, it is a good idea to make a copy of the project (See File Menu/Save A Copy with a different name and save location. If you see this is a problem and eats up some valuable hard drive space, hold off on that.


          Please review the above and let us see if you can use the suggestions as is or fine tuned.






          Note: I find that is generally not a good idea to post email addresses.

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            artialis Level 1

            Thanks for your detailed response. A.T. Romano


            I think aiming to render on a 64 bit 4GB computer may be the best hope, if I can somehow manage to source one.


            I have been saving a number of versions of the project to an external hard drive with 250GBs of free space. I have moved all associated files in premier 11 to the external hard drive and tried to clean the scratch disc of previous timeline renders. I even tried to cut the project in half and do separate smaller renders, but this also failed .

            When I attempt to render under the publish tab, no matter what selection I make I recieve an error message (Error Compiling Movie- Unknown Error.'


            If I try to burn straight to a DVD or save to a file for burning to DVD the error message reads, 'multiplexing failure' or else 'transcoding error,' in the case of a file render.


            My timeline has an orange bar above most of the clips apart from about 2 mins of clips near the start, which have a green bar above them. The clips are all from the same source- a Canon 7D Dslr and are MOV/Quicktime files. Some of the DSLR clips may be larger files as I used a larger aperture setting during filming for the later clips. I have used the cartoon filter over most of the movie clips, except for a handful of full HD clips near the end of the movie and so I was wondering if the cartoon filter was too demanding to render? Other filters and effects have also been used.


            I have used filters and effects from premier 11 extensively throughout the project.


            The DVD that I was attempting to burn to is a DVD+RW with 120 minutes of video/4.7 GB Data/1-4x cert speed. The space needed to save the movie file is about 400MB but I have several versions saved on the hard drive already.


            When the file was smaller (6mins in length approx) I attempted a render and the render bar actually started and reached 1>2 percent with an estimated 2hr render time required for the 10 min. film project. But I cancelled the render as it was just a test. Now it won't render at all and is a much bigger file. I don't know what sort of conclusion to reach other than perhaps I need a more powerful compiuter as previously stated?


            I managed to publish a whopping 3 secs full HD to You Tube twice today. I tried to improve on that a number of times and eventually nothing at all was copied over. Renders to Vimeo and Facebook failed to copy anything, but there were no error messages. Interestingly Adobe Prelude was able to ingest a small clip (5 secs) which had been converted to MP 4. But I tried to do this again several times without success.


            Previous rendered files seem still to be present during the loading up process when Premier 11 starts despite having cleaned and deleted the scratch disc etc more than once.

            The Add files folder is failing to fill with images in the icons now, although the saved project on the time line is still visible and workable if I do not attempt to make too many alterations to the existing edited version. The Add Files folder fails to show mainly the PDfs or Jpegs. These still images were all created in CS6 or Photoshop Elements 11. They were fully loading before I attempted to render the project from the publish tab.


            Small circular green discs are now in view along where the green or orange bar on the timeline is situated. This is something new, and seems to have occurred after various render attempts.


            So basically, I think that sourcing a computer with greater specs. may be a solution but having said that I don't know if I can and there's no guarantees.


            My course professor is allowing me more time to produce a DVD so that's good. Unless I can render the current project however, I have to redo the whole thing and there may not be sufficient time for that.


            I appreciate your input and support. Getting a second opinion is valid and reassuring. If you have any other advice based on my comments, that would be appreciated.





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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              For "Error Compiling Movie," this Adobe KB Article might be useful: http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/kb/error-compiling-movie-rendering-or.html


              Also, to insure that you have not accidently set the WAB (Work Area Bar) to less than the full Duration of the Timeline, with the Timeline having focus, hit the \ (Backslash key), to zoom to the full view of the Timeline, and then Dbl-click on the little "knurled box" in the middle of the WAB, to expand that to the full Duration of the Timeline. For more detail on the WAB, see this article: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5170142#5170142


              Good luck,



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                artialis Level 1

                Thanks Bill and A T Romano,


                The render problem was solved by borrowing an 8GB computer and rendering on that. I used a x16 speed DVD and the burn time was about 1hr and 45 mins. Thanks for your helpful advice.


                The only remaining issue was that the borrowed computer did not show the applied filters so they had to be redone more than once. Thanks for the tip about the WAB bar too Bill.


                Thanks again,


                A. Metoudi