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    My audio is severely out of sync


      I have the strangest problem with my video, I recorded some footage of the new neverwinter game using the recording feature on "Open broadcaster software" since it's a lot less intensive to use than fraps, it records in MP4 and before you say ANYTHING Yes, i've searched the forums i've spent the last 3/4 hours trying pretty much every "soluation" out there to problems that are similar to mine


      So I've recorded the footage, on VLC or WMP it's fine and in sync, import it into CS6 and it starts out fine but then It suddenly syncs out by around 15 secounds....the duration for both the video and sound are exactly the same the video and audio are not speed out or slowed down, and even reducing the speed at which the video is played doesn't do anything, I may catch up in one area but then I'll be 15 seconds behinds in ANOTHER area.