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    Saving a form in Adobe Reader

    cal457 Level 1

      Ok, so I have a form that I distribute to other users to use on a shared drive on the company network.  The problem is that when they go to click the "save" icon, the "save as" box appears for them to save the file.  The problem with this is that users don't have the rights to overwrite a file on this drive, only to add files, not delete them, which is what "save as" has them do.  Is there a way to make the form so when they click the save button in Adobe Reader, it just saves the file like it does in Acrobat?  I would be fine with them just saving it as a new file, but then when they add information for the day, I would have 4-5 copies on the drive after every change they make during the day.


      I hope this makes sense, after writing it down it looks kinda confusing