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    Unable to install flash


      I have IE10 64 bits I have disabled active x filtering - In managed addons enabled java. Turned off firewall. Tools-security-trusted sites-custom level-disabled active and controls plugin and automatic prompting for active x controls. also under internet enabled scripting. At first flash wouldn't install and once I turned off the fire wall that seemed to solve that problem except when I reutrned to the adobe website to check to see if it installed it didn't- just a blank space to indicate no installation. So the worst of it is that I can't do my on line banking.  So everything I have tried in the past two days it's always ended up that flash did not get installed. I did uninstall a couple of times trying to start over with a clean start and I do not have it installed now. I'm hoping that maybe someone will see what I cd try in order to get this flash installed. Thanks for any help.