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    Dreamweaver cs6 Elearning coursebuilder question


      I am working in E learning Suite CS6 coursebuilder and i noticed that it has a js page called behCourseBuilder.js and in that it has some calls to the LMS that don't seem to be SCORM 1.2 compliant. I used to develop in flash and the calls looked different. For example: The dreamweaver course builder call looks like this "CMISetScore(theScore)" . Prevoiusly it would look like this "SCOSetValue("cmi.core.score.raw",F_intData[0])" All the functions in the CS6 Coursebuilder e learning Suite are MM_cmiSendScore meaning they begin with MM indicating to me they are old. SO, not having a LMS Server to test this stuff on I am concerned that the commands are outdated. Anyone got any advise or info on why the commands are so different for the same thing? The differences are not limited to just the setScore but throughout all the API calls. Thanks in advance. 

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          Rick Henderson

          That concerns me as well. Even if the function calls are older, I would hope that Adobe kept them compliant with SCORM. There are many ways to write a function call and still accomplish the same task. However, it is things like this that show me that Adobe doesn't really take eLearning that seriously and has not come out with enough current material to support its use.