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    Problem with language dictionaries


      Hello all-


      Here's a weird one...I am trying to copy and paste text from one ID6 document into another. In the source document, everything is using the English: USA language dictionary, and there are no paragraph or character styles aplied to the text (not by my choice, source was created by someone else, but that's another story...) Anyway, everything looks correct in the source document, i.e., text is all flush left, correct punctiation, etc. However, when I paste this text into my destination ID6 document, it is somehow switching to the "Arabic" language dictiounary. Which means it doing weird things like making all of the text flush right, and worse than that, all punctuation is being moved to the beginning of sentences / lines, as it would if this was Arabic text. Even if I switch the language of that text back to English: USA, that doesn't change anything. I can switch everything back to flush left easliy enough, but the moved punctuation will be a nightmare to correct it all manually (I have a lot of text to copy / paste). What could be causing this automatic switch in language usage, and how can I correct it? FYI: In the destinatioon document, there are still no paragraph or character styles applied.