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    Poorly rendered titles in PE 11


      I'm trying to put together a short video, but the titles are coming out with fuzzy edges. They look great on the computer monitor during the edting process, but are significantly degraded after rendering. I've been using solid color backgrounds. of black and Royal Blue. I've been using PE since version 1.0 and have never had this problem before.
      I have this program (2 purchases) installed on a Windows 8 64-Bit OS with 16 g of memory, and a good graphics card, as well as a Win7 32-bit laptop with 4 gigs of RAM. This video is less than 5 minutes long, but it's important.

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          I have the same problem and would really like a solution.  Can anyone help us?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            I am just starting to look at your issue. Could you clarify certain aspects of your details.


            1. Is the problem only with Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 8? And, are you saying the you have two copies of Premiere Elements 11 (different S/N) on Windows 8 64 bit and both are giving you the same problem when the programs are being used separately? How does Window 7 32 bit factor into this? Do you have at least one version of Premiere Elements 11 installed on Windows 7 32 bit, and is it giving you the same problem as Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 8 64 bit?


            2. To what rendering are you referring?

            They look great on the computer monitor during the edting process, but are significantly degraded after rendering


            Are you referring to create the titles, red line over titles but titles looking good in monitor...and then rendering the Timeline and the titles looking badly "degraded" after render, line over Timeline now green?


            Are you saying that the rendered Timeline looks good, and that it is only after export that the titles degrade in the playback of the export using your player? If this is the case, what is the export and what are your export settings details?


            Either way, I will give the issue a first hand look in Premiere Elements 10 Windows as I await details. Again, the answers are in the details.





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              MattK74 Level 1

              My employer owns the 32-bit software installed on the Windows 7 laptop. I own the the software on the Windows 8 64-bit desktop at my home.

              I've tried this project on both computers with the same result. It looks good while editing, but like junk upon rendering at high res.


              I'm using Chaparral Pro at 100 point on a black background.  But I've also tried other fonts with similar results.  I've had decent results on lighter backgrounds when the font color isn't white, but the text border degrades significantly on darker backgrounds.  I'm using a  green background now, trying to get it as dark as possible, without having the outline crumble.


              Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I'll have to go back to 10.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                I plan to look at this issue today unless I get detoured.


                I may have missed it, but could you confirm:


                Project Preset

                Properties of Source Media

                Burn to Dialog: Space Required and Bitrate with DVD disc in DVD burner tray and just prior to hitting Burn


                What are you selecting as the burn to DVD-VIDEO on DVD preset....NTSC or PAL and Standard or Widescreen. If possible could you give the name(s) of one or more DVD templates that have failed to be satisfactory in one of the Premiere Elements 11 Windows problematic projects.


                I am just a Premiere Elements user such as yourself. I have an overactive troubleshooting gene. So, when I see a question such as yours and I seem to be getting good results with Premiere Elements 11 for this type of project, it catches my curiosity and nudges me to seek why. I will also try to include a comparative look at versions 11 and 10 in this regard since you mentioned a possible fall back to version 10 for this type of project.





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                  MattK74 Level 1

                  Thanks, ATR

                  I'm unsure what you mean by project preset. I'm exporting to H264  1440 x 1080i 30. I tried changing the titles from using the title function over a black bitmap to a PSD created in Photoshop Elements. It still didn't work with a dark background. I've also tried this by laying the title over a blank spot in the film. Same problem.
                  The video itself looks great, and the titles in blue in that font look good when overlaid over the video, which is filmed against a light background.
                  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matt

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Sorry, I thought that this was a DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc Widescreen and titles basic issue. Nonetheless, I will look at the export that you cite.


                    Also, I would still like to keep the project preset in the equation. In version 11, the program is taking control over setting the project preset instead of you doing that in the new project dialog.


                    a. Let us check to see what the program is selecting, its default, NTSC AVCHD Full 1080i30 or other? To do that, please go to Edit Menu/Project Settings and let us know the readout there.


                    b. What is on that Timeline that you exporting, that is, properties of the source media? And what is your export route, something like Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD





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                      MattK74 Level 1
                      Thanks for the help, ATR. Is this what you need?
                      Project Settings:

                      General: 1920 by 1080  HD 1080i; 30fps Drop-Frame Timecode
                      Capture format: HDV
                      Video Render I-Frame Only MPEG ; MPEG I Frame
                      Optimize Stills is checked.
                      Source video is
                      1440 by 1080, data rate 5921 kbs; total bitrate 6177 kbps;  29 fps
                      One I've noticed, whenever I put a PSD into the timeline, it asks me if I want to correct quality problems. Then it asks if I want to videomerge. I say yes to the first question and no to the second.

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                        MattK74 Level 1

                        I resolved my issue by changing the background color to a lighter shade, and using a fat font with drop-shadow. However, this doesn't resolve the basic problem of the fuzzy typeface on dark backrounds. I still don't understand what the message: "Fix Quality Problems in Clips?" question refers to, given the high-resolution clips we're using.
                        Finally, I don't understand why text becomes grainy at the edges on titles placed in gaps in the video.
                        I'd love to find a solution to this, but given that this is happening on two computers, and hasn't happened with the four previous versions that I've used, I'm wondering if this is a flaw in this version that calls for an update.


                        I'm open to any further suggestions about how to resolve this, other starting from scratch and re-editing in an earlier version.

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                          bbloughridge Level 1



                          I have been getting copied on these e-mails/posts and have finally had

                          time to work through the posted solutions.  I had been experiencing the

                          same issues as described.  I am very new to Adobe Premiere Elements 11.  It

                          seems so easy to use that I mistakenly just jumped in and made a video.

                          That's when I got the fuzzy text outputs etc.  I purchased a copy of  " Adobe

                          Premiere Elements 11 - Classroom in a Book, The Official Training Workbook

                          from Adobe Systems" and after working through the posted solutions and

                          reading the first two chapters I have resolved the issues I was having.

                          Most of them were caused by my ignorance.  One however was caused by a

                          default setting that Premiere uses.  When you open a new project, Premiere

                          "simply uses the project setting preset from the previous project".  Or it

                          uses the settings best suited to the first clip imported to the project.

                          If you are adding multiple video types, they may not all be compatible with

                          the setting for either the previous project or with the settings for the

                          first clip added.  The information contained in the first two

                          chapters of the aforementioned book really explains this quite well.

                          I highly recommend it to any new users.  It, along with all of the posts,

                          really helped me.


                          Many thanks, Barb