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    Receiving INPUT TEXT, making Forms from scratch.

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      Hi All...


      I am trying to design a text form from scratch, How can i access to INPUT TEXT property of a text box ?


      I want to do this:

      -place a TEXT object on stage

      -have it RECEIVE INPUT TEXT (entered by user.)

      -Be able to access the INPUT TEXT in action panel so i can then use additional PHP stuff to send it as email or etc..


      I do not want to use those rectangular input box...i wanna create something totally ridicules lets say....(Somebody called this software EDGE and raised my expectations i guess )

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          Hi I'm fairly new to Edge, but I've managed to send data from input fields using the append/ajax method...


          //append input box to <div> in another symbol...

          //I have made a symbol called "contact_screen" on stage and this contains my input boxes (rectangle <div> called "InputEmail)

          var InputEmail = sym.getSymbol("contact_screen").$("InputEmail");



          //append the input field to your box. Note value is called to get the text content later

          $("<input type='text' value='' id='InputEmaili' size='80'>").appendTo(InputEmail);

          //set any css you want to the input field

          sym.getSymbol("contact_screen").$("#InputEmaili").css({"height":"29", "width":"492px", "font-family":"Annie Use Your Telescope, cursive", "font-size":"24px"});

          // do the same for your other input fields



          //then apply to a button click function

          var comp = sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("contact_screen");

          //gets the values

          var name = comp.$("#InputNamei").attr("value");

          var email = comp.$("#InputEmaili").attr("value");

          var message = comp.$("#InputMessagei").attr("value");

          //sets the values as "data"

          var data = "name="+name+"&email="+email+"&message=" + message;






               type: "POST",

               url: "email/contact.php",

               //gets the data values

               data: data,

               success: function(phpReturnResult){

               alert('Thank you.'+'\r\n'+'Your message has been sent successfully!');

               //this resets the values after sent



               comp.$("#InputMessagei").val("Your message has been sent.");



               error: function(errormessage) {

                    alert('Sorry message failed to send: ' + errormessage);



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            EnthusiastOfTheMind Level 1

            I believe you have to append a <input type='text'> to a <div> whether its a rectangle or a text box. Its html .

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              The newer versions of Edge Animate (v2+, v3) doesn't seem to support some of the old syntax I've put up here, setting the value of an input text field needs changing from .attr("value") to .val() i.e....


              var name = comp.$("#InputNamei").attr("value");




              var name = comp.$("#InputNamei").val();

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                Hi, im trying to use the code you kindly shared here.


                One question, where do you put the ajax code, is it in the button click function as at the moment when I click the button nothing happens