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    How come 3D layers with the same Z-position don't line up properly?

    thevisualedge1 Level 1

      I have a composition with several 3D layers enabled.


      I have one layer at Z-position 400.  I'd like to add some additional text on the same plane as my original layer (the same depth) ... so I create the text and adjust the Z-position to 400.  But when I move my camera, it is clear that the elements are NOT lined up on the same plane.


      Through trial and error, I'm able to simply move the new text back and forth until the point where it passes through the original layer, and adjust from there ... and I end up with layers that look pretty darn close, but with very different Z-position values.  I'm able to use this workaround for now, but it bothers me that these coordinates aren't behaving the way I expect.  Is this normal?


      Any thoughts?