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    inserting email link


      Clearly I dont understand the syntax of the basic code I am trying to insert into a clickable rectangle. If I did I might have been able to experiment to better effect.


      My mailer program suggests I instert the following into my page for a subscribe link


      <a href="mailto:subscriptions@blabla.com?subject=Subscribe">Sign up</a>


      I guess it would work insterted into code on a simple html page but in this case my page was designed in edge and the link  has to be physically  constrained into the design


      I am trying to instert the instruction into a click action rectangle


      Do I need to change the code to make it work in such an environment? I have insterted it as a 'get url' as well as 'raw'


      When it is in the document the entire code for the page is distupted - a few states animate without trigger at first and then all the roll overs and links on the page freeze.


      appreciate any help on this - thanks