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    Exporting text problem

    mentlity Level 1

      When I use the article panel to export to epub the first page text exports fine, but when I create additional articles and select any text from any pages after that it always places the first page text in again. The text is linked from page to page so is there a setting which will allow me to drag text from a new page and it not being exported as only the the text in page 1. Just so I'm clear example is


      text box on page 1 reads


      Going green is no longer a trend, it’s a lifestyle. We are consuming less, but we are reading labels more, and we’re much more aware of making our purchases count. We’re also factoring in a value differential that encompasses fair trade, sustainability, and giving back (corporate social responsibility programs).

      When it comes to beauty, not only are organic and natural products healthy, they are stylish, sophisticated, and luxurious, and they really work. The granola-crunchy days of green beauty are gone. The question now becomes: “Why wouldn’t I use them?” As consumers eat healthier foods and embrace more sustainable lifestyles, it’s inevitable that they are drawn to natural and organic beauty, because they are thinking, big-picture, in terms of what is safest and healthiest to put in and on their bodies.



      text box on page two reads


      On a global scale, consumers are beginning to connect the dots, think about their beauty products, and ask, “What is that washing down my drain, and how does that impact my health and the health of the environment?” When we apply moisturizer—if the molecule is small enough—it penetrates through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. In fact, penetrability has been a selling point in the industry for years.

      When  create a new article and drag the text on page 2 I instead end up with the text repeated from page one.




      Any help?



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't follow. I need screen captures to show what the Articles panel looks like. Then a screen capture of what it looks like in Adobe Digital Editions.

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            mentlity Level 1

            Ok I see whats happening, when I drag a paragraph of text to the articles panel I can see  the "T" but when I publish the e pub the text comes back as an image NOT text. Thats the first problem, I will send you screenshots once I figure out why this is happening.





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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yes, so far you've dragged one text frame to the Articles panel. If the text flows from frame to frame all of it will be included in that story text flow before anything else.


              BTW, I'm teaching a class today so will have little time to follow this until this evening.

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                mentlity Level 1

                OK, so the text is linked page to page within the chapter so how to I proceed exporting the text?

                Below is a link from a chapter. Its a zip file which has the pages inside. I may not be explaining myself correctly because it does not make sense if I choose a text box and drag into the articles panel then go to the next page and drag the mext box of text and create a new article I only get the first article of text repeating itself in the e pub.


                The text has to be linked as I can see the loaded cursor so is there a way to drag each text box across?


                Link to a 3 page sample is here







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                  mentlity Level 1

                  I see nobody answered so let me try asking this. I did some experimenting. First I used the + to select all items and add those to the articles panel. I see then populated in there but the same result aas ONLY the first text frame appears thruout the article. I watched a tutorial where the blue line connecting the text boxes was visible but I cannot get this to display. Could that be why?


                  Correct me if I'm wrong but I would think adding ALL the content of lets say 8 pages in one article I should get ALL the text from the 8 pages but why everything else appears except for the remainder of the text?


                  Any help??



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                    Ellis home Level 4

                    If by blue lines connecting the text boxes you mean the the Text Threads, you can show it with View/Extras/Show Text Threads.I have no experience working with articles, but if you know the number of pages already, may be you can set them in the Document Set Up?

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                      mentlity Level 1

                      Anybody with experience working with articles? if so can someone please tell me why when copying the entire contents from a set of pages and inserting them as an article I only see the first text from the first text box in the epub. The text is threaded and everything else is published except for the rest of the threaded text.


                      There has to be a reason, btw I did not create the .indd document so could it be a setting the author used?


                      I'm totally lost here!



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                        Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Can you share you file so someone else can look at it? I'm still in the middle of a multi-day class but might have time to look at it later this weekend.

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                          mentlity Level 1

                          Thank you very much, do you have a private e mail address?



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                            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            No, you should post if for others to see as well. Use Dropbox (the account is free), and you can post a link to the file. (I don't do private messages normally.)

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                              mentlity Level 1

                              OK after doing some experimenting I have narrowed this problem down to the following.


                              If I just export an .indd file as an epub I get ALL content but obviously not in the correct order.


                              It's when I use the articles panel and THEN export is when threaded text does not export right.


                              For instance, if I have 3 pages with images, graphics and threaded text I would select the text box and drag the first text box to the articles panel. It will drag the proper amount of text that is displayed within the box. But when I go to select the second or third textbox ( which is threaded from the previous page) it copies the same text from the first box, NOT THE CONTINUATION.


                              I have tried this with other .indd files to see if it was confined to onefile  but this happens with ALL my .indd files that ghave threaded text. So the problem lies within using the articles panel and exporting threaded text to an e pub file.


                              Below is a link to a .zip file which has a 3 page .indd files that I used to try this.


                              Link to a 3 page sample is here




                              This is very odd to me as this cannot be as I'm sure there has to be a preference or something I'm doing wrong.


                              Thanks for looking into this.



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                                mentlity Level 1

                                OK so just to clarify this problem becomes " Not being able to convert threaded text when using the articles panel to an e pub.



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                                  Hi, mentlity

                                  I tried your indesign .zip file, after many attempts and workaround from my side i discovered when i delete your old text frame and replace with a new one the file is work fine.

                                  see the attached epub file:


                                  and here is indesign file:



                                  Indesign CS6 ME - windows 64bit

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                                    mentlity Level 1

                                    Really?  Let me understand what you did as you write you deleted the old text frame, did you load the cursor with text then delete?


                                    How did you load the other frames?


                                    This is important as I need to know and do not understand why this would happen and re doing the text frames  would solve.



                                    So this works AND the text is separate using the ARTICLES panel????


                                    Are you sure?????