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    My CS6 Action is always "Save As a jpg" despite other format save as in the action. Please help.


      I am helping a colleague with a batch file action where he needs to overlay a grid over a photo and then save it as another file.  In CS5.5 or earlier, no problem, but in CS6 it is not working for either of us.  The batch action (run from either Photoshop or Bridge) stops and prompts at the Save command every time no matter what format we save it in (psd, png, jpg, save for web, etc.). I have been through the Web and the Adobe Forums and cannot find a work around for this.  He cannot just hit enter everytime the popup window comes up because he has over 2700 photos to put this grid on.


      Any suggestions?  I know there is a known bug in CS6 for the Actions but there has got to be something...


      Here is a screenshot of the action:



      I really appreciate it.