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    Broken WebHelp, missing *.js files in whxdata folder

    Alberti Level 1

      RH10, IE9, Windows 7, RH Server 9




      I could use some additional brainpower. I have 6000+ users waiting for me to fix a broken policy/procedure WebHelp system. Here's the state of play.


      •         When we publish the existing project to WebHelp Pro we get full-text Search but no TOC auto-sync.
      •         When we publish the existing project to WebHelp (local drive) we have TOC auto-sync but no Search ("Fail to initiate database" and null results).
      •         If I create and publish a small NEW WebHelp project (local drive) we get both TOC Sync and Search.
      •         If I publish the same small NEW project as WebHelpPro to RH server, we get Search but no TOC auto-sync.


      Adobe has acknowledged that the broken TOC auto-sync is due to an RH Server bug (# 3019390) they do NOT intend to fix. The WebHelp system is nearly useless without an auto-syncing TOC. But it is also useless without a Search capability.


      There are *.js files missing from the SSL>whxdata folder. For some reason I am unable to insert images here using the toolbar button above ("server error").

      Can anyone tell me how to permanently restore the missing *js files to the project? (The missing files DO get generated when I create a new project).


      Thank you.

      Leon Batista Alberti