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    Importing large raw AVI files only partially loads the clip

    Brent Just Wants Help

      So this is frustrating. I'm using a video game's feature to be able to export clips from the game. The video it dumps out is a raw, uncompressed AVI format. I then want to import that and work with it in Adobe Premiere Elements 11. The thing is, Adobe Premiere Elements then only loads a portion of the video. I find that VirtualDub has no issues in loading it entirely, and if I then save it back out of VirtualDub as an AVI then I can import the full thing into Premiere.


      So why can't Premiere Elements do simple things that freeware can do like work with a large, raw, uncompressed file? This is disappointing, and this support process of asking on an open forum seems frustrating. I don't even know if anyone with Adobe will see this!?


      Is there a better way to contact Adobe directly and ask them for a fix or to perhaps consider making it better support these files?