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    Please help.  Photoshop isn't displaying colors correctly after new monitor/calibration


      When I open JPEGS or RAW images in photoshop they have a dull, flat color to them.  This is happening after recently buying a NEW PA271W wide-gamut display and calibrating it using Spectraview 2.  It doesn't matter whether I have the Working Space in PS set to Adobe RGB or sRGB under color settings... The only way I can make my image look normal is to go under settings and ASSIGN PROFILE to Adobe RGB.  It looks fine then.  I could live with that, except the bigger problem is that I begin my editing process in RAW, where the colors are also looking flat.  The best I can tell, there is no way to assign a profile at this stage... and I don't even know if that would help. 


      I've been working in photoshop many years and I do know that RAW images have a 'flatter' appearance to being with, but this is something completely different.  For example, when I slide photoshop onto my other monitor next to it (I have multiple monitors) - the color reverts to the normal color I want .  And if I then slide photoshop back onto my new NEC monitor, the normal color actually stays intact for about two seconds, then reverts back to the dull color.  So I am unable to begin my work process in RAW since the colors are wrong.  Also, I know that my new monitor is capbable of displaying my images in their proper colors because when I use any of several different image viewers I have - irfanview, etc. - everything is fine.  It's only in photoshop.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Chance.  Oh, and I have CS5 and I'm using Windows 7.