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    Removing unwanted characters from imported string

    Marco Lugli Level 1


      I have a tab-delimited .txt file which I have to import into Indesign for further processing.

      The file is composed by a 3 columns header row at the beginning (Code, Description, price) followed by a series of 3 columns data rows.

      The problem is that sometimes, depending on the way the txt/csv file has been created, may include unwanted characters (such as spaces, double spaces, etc.).

      Is there a way to "clean" the imported strings from these unwanted characters?


      This is my starting code:



      function processImportedTxt(){

          //Open .csv file

          var csvFile = File.openDialog("Open file .csv","tab-delimited(*.csv):*.csv;");

          datafile = new File(csvFile);

          if (datafile.exists){



         var csvData = new Array();

         while(!datafile.eof){//read every row till the end of file





          for(a=1; a<csvData.length; a++){


              var myRowData = csvData[a];//row of data

              var mySplitData = myRowData.toString().split("\t");//divide columns

              var myRowCode = mySplitData[0];

              var myRowDesc = mySplitData[1];

              var myRowPrice = mySplitData[2];


              // Here goes code for cleaning strings from unwanted characters







      Any help would be much appreciated

      Thanks in advance