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    Animate transform of sequence and adjustment layer

    Chris D Searle

      New to AE - trying to use it to rescue some time lapse footage taken in very dusty conditions. Lots of sensor dust


      So far


      • Exported sequence as tiff's from LR
      • Imported as tiff sequence in AE
      • Created "New comp from selection"
      • Set the comp to 1080p24
      • On the footage layer - scaled down to 46% to see all the image
      • Added an adjustment layer
      • Added small ellipse masks over each dust spot to the adjustment layer
      • Feathered all masks to about 10px
      • Applied the dust and scratches filter to the adjustment layer and set to radius 30


      This looks very nice. It's worked for all 6 sequences so far.


      What I want to do now is a false pan or zoom by using different parts of the image - after all - the tiff sequence is far larger than 1080p.


      I tried creating a new comp - embedding the original comp as a layer and then keyframed the position and scale of the layer. This gives me the effect I want and holds the footage and adjustment layer transform in sync - but - I'm seeing poorer quality as I scale closer.


      I suspect that if I applied the scaling to the original footage layer in the original comp I'd not see this degredation (in other words - instead of scaling the outer comp from 100% to 130% I reckon that I should scale the footage layer itself in the inner comp from 46% up to 80% or so). This would also be more flexible as I could move across an image with position transform rather than just scaling.


      But I just can't quite see how to also scale and position the adjustment layer in sync so that the masked ellipses stay over the dust spots over time.


      I'd thought I could simply manually apply the same transform to both layers - but the footage layer starts at 46% scale - the adjustment at 100% (looks like it'd work for position tho).


      Would be glad if someone could point me in the right direction