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    Premiere Pro Can't Open Another File; Can't Exit


      I go to File -> Open Recent Project and then select one of my recent projects. The same thing happens if I use File -> Open and then pick a project in the Project Open dialog. The project laod a while and will close automatic.


      I only can create new project and when i exit It  pop out "Sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premiere Pro to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project".  i  unable to close the current project or even exit from Premiere Pro. The only way to exit the app is to kill it with Windows Task Manager.


      I try to open the recent project but I'm stuck again.


      What going on?? Any idea on it?
      Many thanks.

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          Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

          No idea what's going on but try this:

          Pres and hold ctrl-alt-shift while opening the program.  This will trash the preferences in Premiere and it will automatically re-build with a clean set. 


          NOTE: you will lose any preferences that you have set and the start up projects list will be empty (the projects will all still be on the computer, just not on the list).


          I have to do this every now and then (I'm on a Mac).