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    Photoshop CS6 Video - how to Apply Many Transitions Efficiently ?

    Henrik Nerr Level 1

      Hello, i edit lots of software video tutorials inside Photoshop CS6 and overlay the videos with lots of red circles and keyboard keys. All these overlays need a short fade-in and fade-out. How can i apply these fade-ins and fade-outs more efficiently?


      So far i only can do like this:


      - If have to drag every single fade-in and every single fade-out to every single object, these are two actions per object. I believe there is no keyboard command for this and also i cannot create my own keyboard command here.


      - Often i *copy* an object with Ctrl-J which already *has* the fade-in and fade-out. But the newly *copied object* does *not* sport the fade-in and fade-out; so i have to apply those manually again.



      Is there any way to speed up the procedure of applying transitions? (Bulk-apply transitions? Keyboard ways?)



      I already tried to activate the special time-frame keyboard commands. But i believe it doesn't help with the task i described (applying transitions). What's more, with special time-frame keyboard commands active, the arrow keys get new tasks then; but i need the arrow keys for *regular* keyboard commands in connection with the move tool (to precisely move the overlay objects to their desired position).


      Any hints would be great!



      More generally:



      If you know any *advanced* tutorials on video in Photoshop CS6 (written or video), i would be interested. I am very familiar with general Photoshop including general video there. I don't need any introduction.



      I have also tried to do my tasks in Premiere Pro CS6, but found it a bit overwhelming and went back to edit the video tuts in Photoshop. Even though after some getting-used-to-it, Premiere might be better for me. I *do* have to import lots of smart-objects and vector-objects with transparency from Photoshop all the time, and Photoshop is my natural habitat.



      Thanks for all suggestions!


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          The long and short answer is that you are using the wrong tool, but since you already tried Premiere and were "overwhelmed", well, I guess that settles that. Seems to me you have locked yourself into a corner by habitually using PS for everything, no matter how awkward. It would really be easy to export all your graphics to separate files, import them in Premiere, build a prototype project and then save everything as presets. The same would be true for After Effects. In fact you could probably create a lot of stuff even natively in both programs using the titler tool or effects... Also what you describe is exactly what tools like Camtasia Studio also do automatically based on the mouse and keyboard data recorded during the session. I know it's not what you wanna hear, but it seems to me you are really using the wrong set of tools... As for solutions in PS - perhaps there's a way to get the edit points with scripting and then apply transitions automatically, but that's most likely as good as it gets...



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            Henrik Nerr Level 1

            Mylenium, thanks for commenting!


            Yes, i understand that other programs than Photoshop are better. But after the next ten software tutorials i have to do, i don't know if there is any more of that work so i hesitate to invest a lot of learning time (and maybe money). Might be wrong of course.


            Also i want to stress that the vector graphics i put into the videos do not have to follow the cursor. I don't need any changes to mouse paths or any concentration around mouse paths.


            So my question remains - how to apply transitions in Photoshop CS6 videos quickly and not one-by-one manually? 


            You mention scripts, but i am not able to even try that. I did not try actions (which i would be able to use), but i just can't see that they could work here.


            Thanks again and more comments are welcome.