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    How can I activate Photoshop cs (8.0)?


      OK - so its old but I am the proud owner of a legit copy of CS and have used it happily for 8 years.  when I went to use it the other day it tells me that my computer configuration has changed (Not since last time I used it but yes over the last 8 years!!!!) and that I need to reactivate.  SO I click OK and find that the activation server has been taken down (after a couple of cryptic messages and some googling).  SO I try the phone support option and it tells me that I have the wrong number of digits (even though I'm typing those displayed on the screen)


      I try amnd help myself - I find links (but to CS2) that don't need activation - so I end up with all advice being to contact support.  SO I do that and get a very polite gentleman that can't help me and directs me to the forums...


      I'd very much appreciate anyones assistance as right now ADobe have blocked my use of a legit licensed copy of software - old yes - but mine and it does the job I need!





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          OldBob1957 Level 4

          You had the right answer with the CS2 downloads. As the title on that page reads;


          "Error: Activation Server Unavailable | CS2 OR OLDER products..."


          Download and install the CS2 product(s). As long as you hold a legitimate license to a CS2 or older product (as you say you do), then you are part of the target audience and are entitled to do so.




          Edit to add: If you need to get back to the download page, it is HERE.