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    How can I update Flash WITHOUT installing Chrome?


      How can I update Flash WITHOUT installing Chrome?  I keep getting update messages.  I go throught the download and install process but there is no option to un-check installing Chrome.  I don't want Chrome. I'm not asking for Chrome.  I just want to update Flash.

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          Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Flash Player, can be installed as a plug in for a web browser. So, if you have Chrome as a web Browser, you would automatically have Flash Player as in built component.

          If you do not want Chrome, you can install any one of the following Flash Player as per the Web browser you have.


          Download Flash player for IE, Mozilla or Any other Web browser here -- http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html#fp11


          Older version of Flash player Can be downloaded from here -- http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html




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            There are a few threads around here with this same issue, and as far as I know Adobe has not addressed it adequately.  Many of us, when we are prompted with an update for Flash, are not given the option to opt out of installing google toolbar and google chrome.


            Adobe is playing cute, pretending to be surprised at such reports.  They always demand screenshots of it, and then ignore them when the screenshots are posted. Then demand screenshots in the next thread with the same issue, feigning surprise that such an isue could occur. Sometimes they insist it isnt happening or it is somehow user error (as if it is user error to simply allow the update from their app to install after getting the update message from their app!  )


            The problem , in my case, was that the update goes to a URL that autoselects chrome and toolbar.  I found if I manually edited the URL, that it would not automatically install chrome and toolbar.


            Basically the URL has to be manually edited , so take out the " &a=Google_Toolbar_7.4&a=Google_Chrome_22.0_IE_Browser " at the end AND the "&dualoffer=true&chromedefault=true" bit in the middle.  Then it will give you the opt-out. Then do make sure to uncheck the box, obviously    And it is obvious that the users are not doing this on purpose, this is built into Adobe's updater, somewhere.   I went into a little more detail in   http://forums.adobe.com/message/5274050

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              gnits999 Level 1

              I have just had this experience when updating flash.   I do not want Chrome on my machine.  I object to Adobe adding bloatware to my system.  I was not given an option to avoid downloading / updating Chrome. It was a painfully slow download / install despite the fact I have a fibe based internet connection.


              Why does Adobe create so much pain for their customers.  (I notice a few other software suppliers who are insisting on installing Chrome.  Are deals  done behind the scenes to encourage software / service supplies to bundle / bloat software solutions and services.


              Painful. Bad form.


              My answer int he future   .... uninstall Flash.

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                Mike M Level 6

                Download the Adobe Flash Player installer directly by clicking one of the following links.

                Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

                Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)


                NOTHING in those but the installer for Flash Player.

                Those links remains the same as the version is updated - bookmark them for future reference.


                BTW - I post those two links DOZENS of times dailiy in this and the "Using Flash Player" forum. They're all over the place, including here: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player-windows.html