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    AS3 problem with loader class under fullscreen

      Hi, i ran into a problem that i have no idea how to solve nor did i find solution on internet. problem is quite simple.
      i have a master SWF file that is quite small to be used as loader and since website that it loads branches into 2 different sites, each of those has it's own menu and other stuff. Upon selecting 1 of those 2 websites fullscreen mode is initiated (since it has to be mouse event to start it).
      now here is the problem: loader from master file loads swf that is used for menu (or any other swf doesn't matter).
      graphics load, but no actionscript located in that child swf is executed (from simple stuff like repositioning some movie clip to different cordinates, to events and everything else). if i disable fullscreen, and select same part of the site to be loaded with very same loader everything works fine, and if i enter fullscreen from that page it will continue working, but for every other movie loaded using menu during fullscreen same thing will happen again (no actionscript will be executed nor visible from main file at all).
      i guess it has something to do with security measures used for fullscreen (no keyboard events etc..).
      it would be quite useless to have website that has to close fullscreen mode, then open some page, and then go back to fullscreen. and on the other hand i could move whole website into 1 swf that will be loaded and then fullscreen initiated, but having website of 20+ MB becouse of all the pictures and people w8ing for it to load just to get to contacts page seems abit stupid imho.
      getting this:
      [master swf]->(loads)[site 1](on click change to fullscreen)->(loads)[site1 menu SWF](no events or any actionscript working)->(should now be abled to use menu to load other pages pages {about/contacts or any other} but it ain't working)
      tested like this to verify that loading in fullscreen disables actionscripts in loaded child swf:
      [master swf]->(loads)[site 1]->(loads, no fullscreen)[site1 menu SWF](works fine now)->(use menu to go to fullscreen, events still working on that menu swf)->(select contacts page swf in menu)[loading contacts page swf](contact's page events and actionscript dead again)->(turn off fullscreen)->[load contacts page again](working fine).

      oh and 1 more thing, do i really have to use LocalConnection class just so i could call function located in master swf from some child swf loaded later (i'm getting errors since compiler doesn't know to what i'm refering to, since it doesn't work as in actionscript 2.0 where u could simply use _root and do whatever u want (ofc u wouldn't know if u did anything wrong:)). i'm guessing some kind of cast should be used.

      p.s. sry for my crappy english.