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    PSE9 on iMac shows pinwheel of death for 10 to 15 seconds when mousing!


      Help! My PSE9 on my iMac (10.8.3) has become nearly completely unresponsive. When I mouse over any menu or tool, I get a 10 to 15 second pinwheel of death. I can't select tools from the toolbar. I think this all started when I attempted to update the Inspiration Browser (that ended in failure). I have tried removing the program and reinstalling, but that hasn't helped. I'm relatively new to the Mac world, so I'm not sure whether I removed the program properly.


      I trusted that this Adobe software would be a good program for my photo editing needs, but now it's useless. How can I resolve this issue?


      I don't know if it makes a difference, but I bought Photoshop Elements & Premier Elements as a boxed set.


      Any suggestions?