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    Copied text pasted into InDesign is messing with punctuation marks

    moorek876234 Level 1

      I usually am placing large amounts of text in InDesign (CS6) that has been copied from a Microsoft Word (2011) doc. Lately, the pasted copy has varying versions of quotation marks and apotrophes (see below).


      I prefer and have always had InDesign using the one on the right but, for the past few months, the one on the right is always used when pasted. I tend to use Adobe Garamond Pro, if that's relevant, which I'm sure it is. I'm not sure if this is a font problem or an issue with Word or ID. My guess is it's a Word issue (surprise, surprise) but am not sure how to fix this. It's really awful to search and replace punctuation in full brochures, etc. Is anyone else having this problem?