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    Security - Can I limit the number of computers which can access a PDF?

    charlesgeorgi Level 1

      I'd like to set the following specific securities over my PDF document:


      1. Password access

      2. Editing (copy/paste) disabled.


      I already know how to do these two in Acrobat.



      3. Limit the number of computers which can open the document. (i.e. I want to prevent the document holder from sending their copy of the PDF to someone else via email, external hard drive, etc.  Once he/she opens the PDF on their laptop, it can't be opened again on any other cpu)

      4. Expiration (i.e. I want to set a 5/10/15/ or 30-day expiration on the document.  Once it's been opened, it will become inaccessible in 5/10/15/ or 30 days' time.....whichever I would specifiy)



      Can someone help me with the last two items?  Your help is much appreciated.