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    Table fields to match pdf form


      I found this on my formscentral help file.



      Note: Some types of form fields aren’t supported when you import a PDF form. For example, text fields with formatting applied, such as numeric or percentage fields, are converted to plain text fields. And, signature fields aren’t converted, as Adobe FormsCentral doesn’t support this type of field.



      For more information, see Issues encountered while importing an existing PDF form.





      What I have experienced.



      Formscentral does not allow you to format the table in their views when you use a pdf as the form, only if you use the online form.



      I found that when out when I got 6 decimal points when multiplying tax, which was .04166. On the pdf it defaults to 2 decimals.


      Another thing I noticed. My pdf form date field was set to MM/dd/YY. When I just put in 5/06 in that field, on the pdf form it auto corrected it to 05/06/13. When that pdf form was submitted to formscentral, that field showed 5/06. So it is pulling exactly what you input into the pdf form regardless of how the pdf form corrects your mistakes.


      My real question is if Formscentral Is working to allow you to set the table format to work with pdf's too?


      If not are you working to add calculated fields to the online form?


      Not complaining just wanting. The product is awsome as is but this would take it a step further.