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    Just lost months of work...need help restoring.


      I am working on a 600 page document.  I just lost 540 pages!!!!  Was importing images when the program decided to start doing something...I don't know what.  I waited, then when it was done thought, "um, I better save my work, that was a little strange, clicked command S."  Then I noticed that it had removed 540 text links and their contents.  Can I get them back...please say yes!  I'm on a deadline and will not complete this project if I can't recover.  Now, before you ask, "No, I do not have my Time Machine turned on.  Don't scold, I just got tired of it always interrupting my work.  I may rethink that strategy."


      So, the question is:  Does a previous version exist on my computer and can I access it?


      Please contact me as soon as possible as I am really in a bind.



      Laura Breite

      San Diego, CA